Production Hacks: 4 Elements For A Striking Commercial Video

When it comes to commercial videos, the primary goal is to promote a brand, service or product. A well-thought-out commercial video seeks to raise awareness, pique interests and ultimately, draw in potential new customers.

So the question lies: what precisely makes an effective commercial video? Is it the lighting? Fancy cameras? Crazy visual effects? Well, here are 4 elements that make an ordinary commercial video, extraordinary.

Stunning visuals

Arguably the most vital element to any video, visuals are the first thing that captures the attention of any viewer – after all, you are watching with your eyes. However, while relatively a straightforward element, it may be one of the most challenging ones to get right. Without prior knowledge of camera directions, video editing, and special effects, it might be difficult to entirely execute what you have in mind.

Our advice, you might ask? Engage a professional video production agency to bring your vision to life.

The art of storytelling

Whether or not you are a professional filmmaker, you probably would have heard of the art of storytelling. Essentially, storytelling is the process of communicating a message to your audience. In commercial films, the primary goal is to communicate the benefits of the product or service to the audience – it has to be persuasive.

Rather than jam-packing facts upon facts about the product into the video, it would be more appealing to create a narrative of sorts for the audience to follow. Incorporating the art of storytelling into a commercial film allows the audience to feel, and consequently, relate to the said product or service. This will leave your audience itching to find out more.

Retaining audience’s attention

Whilst it is essential to bring your audiences on a narrative journey, too long a video might have them bored before you’ve even delivered your message.

With social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram dominating the world in the social media game, the attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter. Chances are, no one is going to watch a 10-minute cereal commercial, or any commercial for that matter. Keeping your commercial video short and sweet is the key to stimulating the interests of your audience and retaining their attention.

A call to action

Engagement aside, the core of a commercial video is to advertise a product or service. Whether it is information on where viewers can buy your product, contact information to engage your services, or even details of an event you’re promoting, it is imperative that you include a call to action, typically at the end of the video.

A call to action provides a clear direction or instruction to the audience on what action to take next. Essentially, it is the final push to motivate your audience to become customers. Without a distinct call to action, your audience would be lost, and you would lose out on a potential customer.


Here at Emergent Films Singapore, we pride ourselves in our ability to produce top-notch content through creating stunning visuals and telling compelling stories. Emergent is not just a name, but a promise – to produce content that is prominent and sensational. If you are looking to create a commercial video for your brand, look no further. We have collaborated with and completed works for renowned brands in Singapore such as The Arts House Limited, National Parks, and SMRT.

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