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Looking to engage commercial video services for your brand but have no idea where to begin? Look no further, as Emergent Films Singapore can help you present your product or service in a new and creative way.

What are commercial videos?

The primary goal of commercial video production is to promote a brand, service or product. A compelling commercial video seeks to raise awareness, garner interests and ultimately, draw in potential new customers. 

In an increasingly digital world, with 78% of people watching videos every week, businesses actively engage in commercial video services. Statistics show that 86% of companies adopt commercial videography as a marketing tool. 

Commercial Video Services

Why do you need commercial videos?

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Stunning visuals will capture the attention of any viewer, piquing their interest in your brand. More can be conveyed in a shorter amount of time in a video as opposed to written text. 66% of consumers also prefer watching a video rather than reading about a product. 

Attract new customers

Whether your goal is to increase sales of a product or service or even attract attendees to an event, every effective commercial video ends with a call to action. Incorporating the art of storytelling into a commercial video makes it a powerful tool to convert a mere audience into a new customer.

Commercial Film Production Singapore

The 3 key elements that make a successful commercial video

Commercial Video Production

1. Impressive visuals

It is no secret that we watch and judge a video with our eyes. Dynamic and captivating camera angles, visual effects and editing can make or break a commercial video. 

Singapore Commercial Video Production

3. Keep it short and sweet 

Most commercial videos tend to be 30 seconds or less. It is vital to be able to present all the necessary information in that short time frame, as well as to convince the audience of your product or service. 

2. A compelling narrative

Bringing your audience on a narrative journey will increase their relatability and deepen the connection they feel to your product or service. Not only does a compelling narrative make the video more appealing, but it also leaves your audience wanting to find out more.

Commercial Video Production Singapore

Why Emergent?

If anyone knows how to create a compelling and effective commercial video, it is Emergent Films Singapore. With a passionate and close-knit team, we are committed to achieving and exceeding your brand’s expectations. We firmly believe in taking the time to understand our clients. With our commitment to getting to know your brand, your goals, and your target audience; coupled with our commercial videography experience, we will be able to capture your unique selling point. 

We are highly experienced in reliable commercial video production, and we have a portfolio of projects under our belt. When you are ready, let us work together to drive engagement and attract new customers to your brand. 

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