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With you, all the way till the end.
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Emergent Films' SHOWREEL

As part of the Emergent experience, every video we craft is tailored and tweaked just for you. As a professional video production company in Singapore, we firmly believe that our knowledge and expertise honed through the years are all you need to take your video to the next level - whether it be a creative campaign video production, a corporate video, or simply one for internal circulation.


We strive for our videos to bring the hype, no matter the type.

Finest Video Production House in Singapore

A solid crew that has been in the industry for 5 to 6 years, Emergent Films is a video production company in Singapore with a goal to produce compelling and impactful content for every client - no matter if it is a commercial or a campaign video production. With a dedication to achieving just the right amount of balance with every client we collaborate with, we pride ourselves on delivering a dream team based on your project’s needs while upholding the budget through the film production services we offer.

In the midst of making it a personal goal of ours to take away the stress of film production, we seek to transform it into an unforgettable experience for all.

Unique creative concepts

What truly sets us apart from other film production houses is the quality of our concepts. Before committing to producing impactful videos for our collaborators, we solidify concepts to ensure your videos can be deemed a great success. Whether it be an original idea to engage viewers or an existing concept to elevate your team’s suggestions - we hold ourselves to a certain standard as a dedicated film production house to ensure we give only the best quality work.  

With you, from start to finish

A video production company based in Jurong, we provide a one-stop solution for you from the beginning to the end so that together, we can translate your ideas into visual reality. When collaborating with Emergent Films to craft a video project, we are with you every step of the way: from brainstorming concepts to high-standard videography and impeccable post-production. Every video we envision is set to make you stand out from the crowd.


As a committed video production agency, we hope to achieve, elevate, and exceed your brand’s expectations and go beyond in ensuring satisfaction for you, and us.

The Emergent Experience

We are blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with some of the best brands across various industries in Singapore and across the globe - Riot Games, FairPrice Group, ONE Esports, and more. The impeccable trust we have received from our clients as a humble video production agency has enabled us to truly solidify our vision for an Emergent experience.


Check out some of our past works. 

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Tailor-made experience for you

Being a tight-knit crew, when you engage our film production services, we are able to keep the integrity of the margins as we do not possess upkeep of in-house talents. As such, all of our videos are tailored to suit the concept that you envision. We are conveniently located at Jurong and are confident that together with us, we can deliver the ideation you have in mind into reality perfectly.


When you are ready, let us make a great film - together.