We’ve taken on an obsessive spirit that strives to disrupt the industry through unorthodox audio-visual tales.

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Before diving headfirst into production, our team will engage with you to conceptualise, script and lay out the logistical foundation required to make your video happen.

Conceptualisation + Storyboarding
Treatment Proposition
Location Scouting + Talent Casting
Set Design
Research +  Trend Identification

During the shoot, our  team will work towards turning your ideas into action. Through the collaborative effort of our experienced art directors, set designers, producers etc., we will execute our action plan to ensure that your concept comes to life.

film + cinematography
lighting + sound
dedicated on-site client servicing team
full-functioning crew
aerial videography

Post-production is where it all comes together. Using cutting-edge video software, our team meticulously piece audio and visuals captured on set to create a video of peak quality.

video editing
colour grading + sound mixing
cutdowns + stills
2d/3d animation + motion graphics
translation + market adaptation

emergent experience

Here at Emergent Films, no concept is too absurd. We strive to create unorthodox films, collaborating with clients to produce impactful videos that communicate the message effectively through an exciting audio-visual tale. Through each stage of the production journey, we hold ourselves to the highest standard, as we believe that the product of our work is parallel to our dedication to the craft.

Emergent Films continues to challenge and redefine film production, creating an unforgettable experience for all our collaborators.

our team
Mark Sim Young
Creative Director
Kenan Liew
Executive Producer
Marco Liao
Executive Producer + Biz Dev