March 8, 2022

Engaging A Video Agency: 4 Tips For A Fruitful Collaboration

Engaging with a video production agency to create a brand video benefits not only the client but also the production agency themselves. It is a mutual relationship where both parties benefit -- the client gets exceptional video content that elevates their brand, while the film company can add another successful project to their portfolio.

Of course, achieving a fruitful collaboration requires work. The relationship between the two parties is crucial and effective communication at every stage is the key to creating the best possible video or film. If you have are looking to partner up with an impressive film production company, here are 4 tips for working effectively with them.

1. Share your full vision

As your creative partner, your video agency needs to know your full vision to help transform your ideas into a reality. They will likely be new to your brand, so it is vital to let them get a sense of the company, what it stands for and what its long-term goals are. During the initial talks, consider sharing your foundational thinking, such as:

Brand mission, vision, and values
The project’s contribution to brand’s content strategy

Even if you are just looking for a one-off video, remember that every piece of content published by your brand contributes to a bigger goal or vision! This context will influence the video agency’s creative approach and allows them to plan how to best deliver your brand’s story.

2. Write clear and thorough project briefs

Early conflicts working with a film agency often stem from misunderstandings about the project, which are all based on the creative brief. The agency uses the project brief as a reference source; thus, it is essential to make it clear, thorough, and detailed. Some of the common issues in briefs include being too ambitious or vague, using too much client-speak, or simply too long to be usable.

For instance, requesting a short-form 1-minute educational video about multiple subjects tailored for millennials is highly ambitious. Ensure that the project’s goals are realistic for its scope. A good brief should concisely outline the brand's objectives, specifications, audience, and other relevant information. Remember that its goal is to provide the video agency with enough context, background, and actionable information for their brainstorms.

3. Ideate and iterate

If you are not entirely satisfied with the initial responses to your brief, communicate with your video agency. You could ask for them to provide details about the risks involved for every suggestion they put on the table. Furthermore, their experience should give them an idea about which concepts will involve a budget crunch, what their talents may find difficult to deliver, or which ideas may pose major technical challenges. Lastly, be open to ideas that they truly believe in. The ones they believe in strongly could do wonders for the final cut.

During every stage of the project, do not hesitate to request more idea development or ideation if you are not all too convinced of what is coming through. When giving feedback, be clear on what you think is missing, what kind of shift you wish to see, or what additions you want to try out.

4. Give actionable and relevant feedback

It is safe to say that all film production companies strive to create something their clients will love. Thus, it is integral to communicate what isn’t working to come up with solutions. A few tips when giving feedback are:

Provide written feedback

Written feedback, such as through email, differs from talks and meetings since they offer a clear record of your thoughts on the project’s current state. Moreover, it gives the video agency time to synthesise your input and review it internally before discussing it on the phone or face-to-face.

Allow the video agency to brainstorm solutions

Highlight any issues and explain why they do not click for you. The video agency’s expertise and experience would enable them to come up with viable solutions, complete with a valuable analysis of the merits and risks. This would be much more productive than you trying to come up with a solution for a field you are not the most experienced in.


While many other practical details can help elevate your video project, your relationship with the video production company is one of the most important. Be committed to the collaborative partnership and nurture it into a successful engagement!

At Emergent Films Singapore, we take pride in our expertise and passion for working with other brands, helping them realise their visions. Our knowledge and experience, honed to perfection throughout the years, has made our brand synonymous with exceptional films of all kinds -- from creative campaign videos to corporate ones.

Contact us today to get started on making your ideas come true.

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