March 22, 2022

Production Hacks: What Makes An Effective Corporate Video?

Corporate videos can provide a comprehensive overview of the company it is produced for -- clearly expressing its brand identity and unique value proposition.

Producing an effective corporate video can feel like a daunting task even for the most experienced of film-makers – after all, it is the representation of a brand’s story. Though there is no specific one-size-fits-all approach to creating a compelling corporate video, many creators might find themselves asking the question: what exactly makes an effective corporate video?

Whether this is your first or tenth video, here are five tips that can help you pull off the best corporate video for your company.

Establish a purpose

Before you embark on creating an impactful corporate video, it is crucial to consider the purpose of the video. Not all corporate videos have the same purpose. Will the video be used to strengthen the brand’s market presence or will it be used to reach out to new customers? Some corporate videos might even be instructional videos used to teach existing employees a particular skill.

No matter the intention behind your corporate video, with a concrete purpose, you would be able to effectively craft a specific message you would like to convey with your video. All other ideas and aspects of the corporate video will stem from the goal in mind. Establishing a purpose is the first time to developing a detailed video production plan.

Get to know your audience

Once you have established the message you would like to convey with your video, it is time to define your target audience. Not every message will resonate with everyone. It would be useful to create an audience profile before beginning the script writing process. With an idea of the target audience for your corporate video, you can tweak the angle of the video for increased relatability and engagement. By taking the time to study and get to know your audience, you can tailor the narrative to their specific needs and preferences.

Incorporate visual and sound elements

Stunning visuals are one of the elements for a striking commercial video, and it is no exception for an effective corporate video! When stunning visuals are paired with the right sound elements, they can make a powerful statement.

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 70% of people remember what they hear and see. Videos are a medium that combines both these elements, allowing views to be engaged from beginning to end. Thus, incorporating visual and sound elements into your corporate video helps facilitate compelling storytelling and increases engagement.

Build an emotional connection

A successful corporate video should appeal to the viewers’ emotions some way or another. While it is important to communicate necessary information such as product features, statistics and brand information, corporate videos do not have to be boring! By appealing to the feelings of your target audience and building an emotional connection, your audience would become engaged and in turn, invested in the message you are trying to convey to them.

Production assistance

A competent video production agency can bring your corporate video to the next level. A qualified team that is experienced will be able to produce content that is engaging, valuable and speaks to your audience. Their expertise in film making equips them with the knowledge and skills to nail all elements that go into a corporate video, including the four mentioned above!

When selecting a company to partner up with, ensure that you look out for the qualities that make an impressive film production company, such as passion, creativity and a professional portfolio! This can speak volumes on their credibility and professionalism.


If you are looking for a professional film production company to produce impactful corporate videos for your brand, look no further.

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