March 29, 2022

Beginner's Guide To 5 Types Of Corporate Videos & Their Uses

Videos have taken the world by storm and are all around us – from our TV and mobile phone screens to large billboards. Thus, it is no surprise that videos have become a powerful content marketing tool.

Corporate videos have become far more accessible and no longer considered a luxury that only multi-billion-dollar corporations can enjoy. If you are looking for an effective way to convey your commitment as a brand to new and existing clients, then a corporate video is your answer. Here are 5 types of corporate videos and their uses to help you determine which would work best for your brand.

Company profile videos

Company profile videos come in handy when you want to introduce your brand to consumers and potential stakeholders. They are especially helpful for companies who are new to the industry and are looking for a way to get their name out there.

These types of corporate videos typically give a broad overview of the products or services the company has to offer. They may also include information on the company’s mission, vision, and history. Aimed at allowing consumers to learn more about the brand, company profile videos are generally short videos kept at about a minute in duration.

Promotional videos

As opposed to company profile videos, a promotional video is designed to present a particular product or service. The elements for a striking commercial video are similar for a promotional video as both aim to promote brand recognition and familiarity.

Excellent promotional videos have the power to retain audience’s attention and provides a clear call to action for consumers to take the next step after viewing the video. An engaging narrative is usually involved to showcase the product or service in a compelling way.

Testimonial videos

What better way to promote your company’s product or service than to feature someone who has already worked with you and enjoys what you have to offer? Testimonial videos build trust by boosting your brand’s credibility through honest reviews.

While a written review might contain more detailed information, potential consumers might not finish reading the whole thing. A testimonial video has a higher retention rate as compared to a written review and is generally viewed as more trustworthy than a standard advertisement.

Internal communication videos

Internal communication videos are used to share information to employees within the company or to existing clients. These types of corporate videos are useful if there are new company policies that you need to communicate to the people affected by these changes. They could also highlight milestones that the company has reached or explain details of an upcoming project. Internal communication videos are an effective way to get information out across the organization to ensure that your clients and employees are kept well-informed.

Corporate social responsibility videos

A corporate social responsibility video demonstrates what a company is doing to give back to the community. According to the Cone Communications Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker Report in 2012, 82% of consumers have said that they are more inclined to purchase from a brand that clearly displays the outcomes of their corporate social responsibility programs.

Thus, communicating your company’s corporate social responsibility involvement through a video can help attract and retain top talent, foster strong relationships with key stakeholder and improve brand loyalty from clients. These videos could feature charities that your brand has worked with, interviews with key beneficiaries or even the company’s efforts in going green.


The possibilities with a corporate video are limitless. Whether you want to introduce your new business, boost your brand’s credibility, or deliver a company-wide announcement to your employees, investing in a corporate video has far-reaching benefits for your company.

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